About Photo

      Amanda Dryer is a Utah-based artist who primarily works with painting and drawing media. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Painting and Drawing with a Minor in Art History from Utah Valley University (UVU) in the Fall of 2020. At UVU, she graduated with distinction through the Honors Program and studied art history in Italy. Her work has been exhibited in UVU’s Student Art Show at the Woodbury Art Museum and published in student journals such as Warp and Weave and The Journal of Student Leadership. She had an opportunity to speak about her work at the Journal of Student Leadership’s Publication Launch Night for the Women and Leadership Special Issue. This summer, she plans to attend the New York Academy of Art’s Summer Undergraduate Residency Program with a full tuition scholarship. 

View her 2020 BFA exhibition, “Fall From Eden; Leaving the Faith” here.

Contact for all inquiries and sales:

FB: @amandadryerart

IG: @amanda_dryer_art